Thursday, March 21, 2013

Amish families have joined the Church!

When my amazing Young Women leader, Cathy, was visiting me, we talked for hours! Catching up on her wonderful life and family was truly a gift to me :]. Her family moved to Ohio quite a few years ago. In the past little while, they have had some amazing experiences with friends joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I have always been intrigued by the Amish culture and it's devout people. [I suspect that's how people feel about us :] ]. It's been really cool to learn more about them; we have SO MANY Amish people and Mennonites here in Lakewood Ranch! The most renowned restaurant in the area is Yoder's, an Amish family's restaurant that serves delish comfort food and the best peanut butter pie. In fact, while Cathy and I were on the beautiful Siesta Key beach, two Amish women were parked next to us [amid a few other interestingly dressed individuals haha]. They're very noticeable because of their attire. Beautiful pilgrim-esque dresses and neat bonnets. I love that, just as our Church encourages, they stay away from the materialistic, superficial ways on the world. [I write this as I wear my Seven jeans...]

Side note: The Mission President for Columbus is in Cathy's congregation [ward].  For those who aren't LDS [Mormon] the Mission President is simply the man who presides over the missionaries in that area. Just for kicks, thought you Utah people should know that he owns every Cafe Rio and has their food shipped to where they live alllll the time. Not a fan myself, but rock on Mish Prez.

Cathy's ward is very close to an Amish "village." A man in their ward frequented one of the Amish member's wood shop for their fine furniture. After a few visits, he gave a Book of Mormon to the owner. After some time, the man decided to read it.

 I have found that it's so much easier to read things you agree with. However, how can you know whether or not you agree if you never open the book? 

This man continued to read the Book of Mormon and wanted to learn more about it through the missionaries. He had to do so secretly in their barn at night; their people would not have approved :[. He shared his experiences with his two brothers, both of which decided to start reading and learning with him. Their families also started to learn about the Gospel and felt the exact same way.

Despite the known tribulations that lie ahead, each family member chose to be baptized! They have recently gone through the temple have been sealed as a family; together forever :]. Although they can still live their wonderful culture, their conversion has brought many difficulties into their lives. They are true examples of faith, sacrifice and testimony. I just want to run up to Ohio and meet them! I find the more private details of their story to be so similar to the experiences of Joseph Smith. I hope that everyone learns of these amazing people. The Church is true. I always want to share what I love with others, and I am so happy that the members in Columbus did that with the wonderful Amish people.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Wonderful Things


Let me start off by saying that hopefully everyone has understood my insanely dry sense of humor and strong doses of sarcasm throughout each post! If not, welp.

Can I just tell the world that I have the most wonderful husband in the entire universe? [Almost every person will say the exact same thing. And it's absolutely true; they have the most wonderful spouse for them :].]

First of all, he cleaned the microwave. Ladies: HE CLEANED THE MICROWAVE. An extremely rare phenomenon that makes me want to throw confetti in the kitchen every day. [Hopefully he would clean that up as well.] Exhibit B: every night he offers to massage my feet. I'm thinking that there is something in the water in Florida... and I dig.

As the cherry on top, +Zane woke up at 2 in the AM [as a result of my screaming] to attack the largest cockroach there is; the Palmetto. Which, is also the name of our ward; how comforting. [ <- example of sarcasm.] I couldn't sleep and wanted a sinful snack and went to the kitchen for a cookie. No joke, I had the thought that I should turn the lights on. AND THERE SHE WAS. [I refer to this roach from the depths of Hades as a female because boats and ships are always assigned to be females, thus emphasizing the size of the thing.] +Zane  came in, luckily before it started to fly. Yes. They have wings. TERROR. We had no idea what to do. I ran into the closet to get the vacuum, as it was our only potentially effective weapon. He grabbed the hose and sucked it up with a performance comparable to Chuck Norris. Interesting fact: cockroaches poop. And leave it on your counter. As a welcoming gift. Luckily this was our first encounter and it better be our last. End scene.

I got together with my fellow medwife and wonderful friend Lauren for a craft day! Her husband is a fourth year and graduating soon, then off to residency!                                     She had the greatest idea for a goodbye-guestbook. We cut up a bunch of colored paper in the shape of petals. When put together on a mountable canvas, it's a huge flower! Before gluing all of the petals onto the canvas, each friend who came to the farewell party would write a sweet message on a petal. So beautiful and creative! Her farewell party was so great and bittersweet. Great food, good music, perfect weather. They're off to South Carolina! So sad to see her go. After the party, +Zane+Malori+Kristian and I got together for dinner and our traditional game: Cranium. +Malori and I soundly defeated the gentlemen [although they hardly are when it comes to gaming] and it felt wonderful :].

This is entirely juvenile, but I just have to inform the nation. I have been trying to learn how to french/dutch braid since middle school. NEVER could. The other day, I just decided that I was going to try. And WUHBAM; it worked! It was a miracle. And now I do it every day and feel like the cat's pajamas.

Great fun with friends so far this month :]. With the Balles, Halls and Rappaports we played games, ate good food and had yummy desserts. And, I got to spend time with my wonderful YW leader from long long ago, Cathy Sargent! More importantly, my best friend +Zane and I have had the perfect day every day :]. Always having fun together, learning together, eating together and loving each other.

Happy March to all :]

P.S. We found our first gator in our backyard! He's a little baby that +Catherine and +Malori and I named Charles haha.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Left Coast, East Coast


Oh hello, I didn't see you there. 

After 3.5 months on the glorious Left Coast, I'm finally back to the East Coast! Visiting +Catherine, +Phillip, +Jessica and +Kristoffer was amazing. It was filled with childhood wonder, Haute Cakes, a bonfire, a necessary trip to the most magical land of Disney, and a day in LA! I'd never actually been on a vacation with my siblings without our (wonderful :]) parents before and have thus decided that I am officially an adult (must be pronounced ah-dult. makes me sound smarter). PLUS, I got to be with Bree and JT! Miss the crap out of them. In Vancouver, I got to be with +Britney and Lo! Love seeing my favorite ladies :]. Aside from the good times with family and friends, nothing compares to being back with my +Zane :]. We love where we live so much. Every day I feel like I'm in paradise. Most likely because I am. The weather is so beautiful, the people are so kind. We have so many wonderful people here. I'm especially happy to be back with +Malori too; getting back into our dog walking business, game nights and walks together. +Zane's sister, +Kirsten and her husband Josh came to Lakewood Ranch!! It was a blast. (what does it mean to have a blast? like when a spaceship takes off? no clue. whaterr.) I was really happy to show off our little town :]. We went to Siesta Key.. unfortunately hah. The weather was INSAAANE. The fog on the beach was so thick you couldn't tell the difference between the sand and the water! It was still great to be on the best sand on earth. Well, back to life. Back to real-it-y. (if you don't immediately know the song I'm quoting, shame on you.)

P.S. +Zane  and I make muffins every day. And can't got to sleep until we watch an episode of Community. Just thought you should know.