Sunday, September 29, 2013

Babysitting and Birthday

I had a wonderful week in Washington, babysitting my 16.83 year old brother. [And yes, he needed it. I mean check him out.] I loved spending time with the moms and ma dad before their San Francisco trip :]. 
So many days in my mom's garden, picking peppers, tomatoes, zuchinni, cucumbers all around the pumpkinsThomas, +Peggy, +Brad and I saw Prisoners which is AMAZING. And I just loved spending some much needed time with Becca, Bryce and their three perfect boys!

One of my Vancouver days was just so miraculous: Mom and I noticed a new Panera that hadn't officially opened. Walked up to the door, found out they were having a trial run before opening day, and they gave each of us $15 dollars for all the Panera we could get! Uhmayzang. I love fall in Washington! Doing crafts with my mom and my gram was really fun and helped me feel the fall spirit... considering we won't be having that here in Florida :[. 

+Peg came back a day early to see me off. See's came with the parting gift of course :]. We ate our last dinner at our local and hipandwithit bistro. NW, I miss you. See you at Thanksgiving.

As soon as I got back to Lakewood Ranch the party for +Zane began! On Saturday, we had a very simple slash awesome gathering with close friends filled with volleyball [of course] and pumpkin cupcakes [yes they were amazing]. The recipe: one box of sugar-free yellow cake, one 15oz can of 100% pumpkin. I added some walnuts to half of the batch. THAT'S IT!

Sunday was the big birth day! And also... Fast Sunday hah. I had planned on making Zane his favorite breakfast, which has now turned into his favorite lunch :]. We had an amazing dinner and dessert, full of our traditional favorites: Homemade Carrot Cake and Roma Spaghetti Squash. Our squash dish was FULL of veggies from my mom's garden [yes I packed my suitcase with produce], and a couple from Costco's garden :]. +Malori saved the day for me today! I was making Zane's Carrot Cake and I realized I had zero carrotsMinor detail. I called +Mal and low and behold she had the perfect amount. +Malori FTW! 
I love my husband and I love when I have an excuse to [force him to] hang out and shower him with food and little nothings.

Cheers to my favorite 27 year-old :] 

Postscript: EGG NOG IS BACK!!!!!!!