Friday, October 25, 2013

What do Michael Jordan's jersey and I have in common?


So I guess you could say Mikey J and I are BFFL. 

Twenty to the three twenty three! [This is the only way I can feel that I'm only getting cooler and not older. Like the opposite of Miley Cyrus.]

I decided to share some valuable information with all of you avid readers. There are seriously like a billion [not seriously] major events in the history of the world that happened on October 24th

1531- Bavaria joins Schmalkaldische union [try pronouncing that].
1593- A cray cray dude named Gil was teleported.
1857- The world's first soccer team was founded in England.
1861- World's first telegram was sent from SF to DC [as you read this on your phone while I'm in Flarida and you're in… other places]. 
1882- Robert Koch discovered the germ that causes tuberculoses. Biiyaah!!!
1901- First woman to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel [seriously WHY LADY].
1904- 1st NY subway opens [not the sandwich kingdom].
1926- Harry Houdini's last performance [tear].
1946- World's first photograph of Earth taken from space.

1979- Billy Martin punches a marshmallow salesman [no clue who Billy is, don't care, but I love picturing a Ron Burgundy-esque dude slo-mo punching a portly marshmallow man].
1990- The cat's pajamas entered the world, ready to conquer [said while pointing thumbs towards myself].

Now some more important factual evidence that I'm [really not that] cool.

I was born on a Wednesday.
My birth flower is Calendula [who the heck decides this and WHY].
I was born in the Chinese year of the Horse.
In dog years I am 161 years old [hot].
I am 8,402 days old [gross].

Here is the summation of my most wonderful birthday:

It was a very very busy and hard day for +Zane; he had two tests! And even still, he took so much time to make my day special and perfect :]. I woke up to my favorite weather; FALL WEATHER! Cool and crisp with some fog and wind :]. I came to find our kitchen filled with yummy chocolate chip cookies, a sweet letter, my most favorite chocolate soy milk and gifts galore. He took a couple of breaks during the day for me [he is so wonderful]. We played Rummy, opened gifts, ate Chick-fil-a for dinner and had dessert :] and watched Michael Scott's birthday. Hilarious. He set up a massage for me! My dearest friend +Haleigh threw me a little get together with some of my closest friends and it was the perfect way to end my b'day. 
+Cath gave us delicious organic brownies!
My sister +Catherine and my mom +Peggy gave me the sweetest gifts I will always cherish them! Thank you to all who made my day wonderful, especially my best friend +Zane