Sunday, October 28, 2012


Good day good friends.

Lakewood Ranch is one of those places that you can't fully describe.... words just don't do her justice. You just have to be here and experience it. I am in love with everything here. Especially my husband :]. His birthday was a wonderful one! We ate our favorite breakfast...and dinner...and desert, opened a billion gifts, partied and watched one of Zane's favorite films. [I used the word film and not movie so that I sound fancy] We had a great little party [oxymoron, I know. Don't even try to usurp.] Foods, beach volleyball, ping pong, sweet tunes; need I say more? Hah well, probably. But I don't have time. I did, however, find enough time to go to an amazing Relief Society event with Malori. Not gonna lie, I've never been an RS enthusiast [yes, I can feel the flames of purgatory]. I got to know a lot of true women really well, had mind blowing curry soup and this thang had quite the party favors. Everyone brought things from home that they didn't want or use anymore. I felt like I was inside a Pintrest world. Except, instead of thinking to myself, "I wish I could have that," I COULD ACTUALLY HAVE IT. Everything I brought home was anthroworthy, in my humble opinion. Mustard flower stems, dark espresso wooden vase, black cherry wood bench, LOFT skirt, and a black wooden coat hanger [that we transformed into a tie hanger]. Jeffrey R. Holland's General Conference talk was indescribable. It was, without a doubt, one of the greatest sermons ever given. [He is my favorite. Can I have favorites? Can I call him Jeffrey? Why does everyone have to use an initial with their name?] Every single time he speaks I feel every fiber in my being strengthening. I love this gospel. Let's fast forward to the end of this month with a visit from Dad and my anniversary of birth. So lucky that I could show my dad this paradisaical place that I love. It worked out so perfectly; he had a business trip to Orlando just a few days before my birthday! We saw Argo; that thing better win some awards. We had many delicious meals and went to the greatest beaches. Zane, Dad and I went to the Sidewalk Astronomer event on Main Street and it was such a cool experience! Never thought I could be nerdy enough to enjoy it :]. I love my dad so much; his visit was a priceless gift. Zane, amid medical school, made my [actual] birthday such a special day. For some must needed celebration, we went with our closest friends to the Boo Fest on Main Street. WOW. Talk about a partay. There were like thousands of people there! It was such a great Halloween night! Costume parade, booths up the ying, haunted house, jam sesh, etc. After such madness, the gang came back to our apartment [yes, so that they could appreciate my cheap Halloween decor] for games and desert. I made a little festive game called Witch Pitch.       I felt like I was back in fourth grade, with all of the glue, construction paper and candy. :] It was, in a sense, a success. Well, the fete days are over and it's back to the books. Wish Zane and I the best [and most necessary] of luck on our up-and-coming tests.