Thursday, June 19, 2014

Life Itself

It's been four years and I can't believe it! 
It feels like it was 2 years ago at most. I really can't put anything that happened into words. I would never wish what happened to me on anyone, but I would absolutely never have it any other way for myself. I am here only through miracles and my family, closest friends, prayer, and most importantly my Heavenly Father and my Savior. I wouldn't have the amazing life that I do if it weren't for my AVM. 
I want to thank a few people listed below. 

Lauren - You were meant to walk into our home on this day 4 years ago. Thank you for staying with me through everything, even now! Thank you for going to the bathroom with me while the nurse did unspeakable things hahah. 
Cath and Kris - Thank you for flying all the way back home once you heard about me. Thank you for being in the waiting room 4 years ago. +Cath, We are sisters for a reason. +Cath I will never forget when you told me that you "told the Lord I would do anything for Him if you lived."

Mom and Dad - Thank you for bringing me to this earth, and keeping me here! I could not have survived without you 4 years ago today and each day following. I hope I can be as good of a parent that you both are to me. Thank you Mom for writing that blog for everyone to read about our progress. It was amazing.
Thomas - I know it was hard and you were young. Thank you for standing at the edge of my bed when things were... not looking good for me and it might've been my last day. I remember that moment when you had your head down and held onto my feet. Thank you for taking Lumocity quizzes with me every day haha!
Phil and Jessica - Thank you for coming all the way up from Portland to help my family. +Phil, I think you were meant to get that job in Portland for this very event 4 years ago today. I specifically remember you guys standing together, next to my bed, when I had a seizure and was scared. I'm so glad I had you there.
Nana & Grandpa Lyle, Gram & Grandpa Bigelow - You're my best grandparents. I thank each of you for helping my family, my mom especially, get through this. You guys are my pals and I will never forget all that you do for me!
Bishop Williams - Thank you for running over to our house 4 years ago as I lay lifeless and helped us get to the hospital in those crucial hours of my life. Thank you for visiting me in the ICU and watching Bachelorette with me :].
Felida Ward - Thank you for praying and fasting for me 4 summers ago. I would do the same for you! I remember bearing my testimony to you, thanking you, and I'm grateful I was able to.

Hannah - Thank you for driving across the west to be with me when I needed you the most. [You are my wedding]

Bryan Johnson Family - Wow. You guys are family to me. Thank you for helping our family so much, welcoming us into your amazing home, and making the terrible situation a heck of a lot easier. 
Dr. George Shanno - I don't remember much, but I do remember you standing by my side and knowing exactly what was happening and what was crucial to keep me here 4 years ago today. Thank you for staying extra hours each day for my family and I and for being a great friend. I am so glad that your mom survived an AVM too!

There are so many others to thank, please know that I am grateful!

I would not have been reunited with my amazing husband if it weren't for this gift from Heavenly Father. Yes, it's a gift to me. Heavenly Father knew that I was not finished on this earth and had more for me to do. One of them +Zane, was marrying you for time and all eternity. It has changed the way that I live each day and in every way. When you live through something like this, you will always try to make every minute count.   

The initial scan is on the R. A month later is on the L. My healing was a miracle!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Spoiled Alert

I am officially spoiled. 

In the space of about a month I got to be with my sister +Catherine, brolaw +Kristoffer, bro +Phillip, and MOMG aka Momma G [as she goes by] aka Mom OMG you're here. +Phillip's trip to Orlando was last minute for him and perfect timing for +Zane and I. 
Dogs and cats cannot be friends here.

We planned a small getaway to Orlando as a congrats for +Zane ending his double boards torture! We had dinner, got jiggy with it and had a sleepover in a ginormous hotel. +Zane and I spent the next day in Universal's Islands of Adventure, solely for the purpose of Harry Potter Land of Those Who Read Those Books. Gobsmackingly awesome
Welcoming her into our home

Then it was time for MOMG! It was the perfect week we could've had! And, we got to share it with +Zane. Such a rare commodity.

Also I've decided that Zane is Superman. When he puts his glasses on it means that he is working and studying and in robotmedstudent mindset. When he takes his glasses off he is super hot and [doesn't have a cape but totally should] hangs out with me and is like way super fun. 

So many beaches, shell hunting, swimming with strange sea creatures, baseball game, yum food, movies, Disney World... need I say more? [Neeope. Too lazy.] 
She makes everything 82 times funner [so glad that's officially a word seriously get with the times librarians]. 
Plenty of adventures and relaxing to match. 

Until then, family members. 

[If it's slow, turn off HD. Ignore the random captions!]

So sexy in those scrubs