Thursday, August 16, 2012

Of Roaches and Anniversaries

Well. It has been a busy but wonderful few weeks! I never want Washington trips to end, but they always end so well :]. Although it's many the miles, being with family is priceless. The weather was beautiful and it's even better in Florida! Perfect weather comes naturally here in the Sunshine State, as well as roaches. I found my first roach the other day. I was always told the terrible tales of cockroaches before moving here. The size. Their speediness. The fact that they have infinity lives [aka: you can't kill them]. And this one was, drum roll, DEAD. It was a Christmas miracle. And you know, they're not too shabby. I had a successful first impression of the roaches. While on the subject of impressions, our ward is nothing short of amazing. The people are so young, funny, welcoming, and, real. Everyone is just being themselves and I love it. Nothing to try and live up to here. These people are [already] true friends. Our Bishop is the cat's pajamas. And tux. And speedo. He played guitar with John Denver, has a butterfly farm and sang with the MoTabs. You heard me; the MoTabs. The list goes on and on with him and we LOVE it! He lives on six beautiful acres, filled with plots for families in the ward to grow delicious and nutritious foods! Isn't that wonderful? Every day is an adventure here. Kristian and Zane battle on the ping pong table fortnightly while Malori and I plan our dog walking metier :]. [Check out our FB page listed below]. We love every minute we get to spend with them. And we love every minute we spend together. Our one year anniversary [on Monday the 13th] went swimmingly. We both woke up to notes from each other and studied together in the afternoon. Once he got back from his exam, we ate our f a v o r i t e homemade BBQ chicken pizza!We then opened our little gifts while watching our wedding DVD. I gave him a tiny mac photo book filled with pictures from our peachy first year of eternal marriage :]. He gave me a popcorn maker!!!! Sweet victory. And, beautiful flowers. We then outed to Cold Stone [staple diet] and returned home to an amazing film; The Prestige. Couldn't have been a better day for us out here in paradise! Can't wait until Mom gets here Wednesday!

Postscript: I totally forget to mention [in my first post] a glorious success while en route to Florida. Our goal was to find a license plate from every state. End result = 41. Namely: Iowa, Wyoming, New York, Minnesota, Idaho, Utah, Washington, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, Connecticut, North Dakota, Oklahoma, California, South Carolina, Texas, Oregon, Michigan, Kansas, Missouri, New Jersey, South Dakota, Massachusetts, Indiana, Tennessee, West Virginia, Alabama, Arkansas, Wisconsin, Maine, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Mississippi, Maryland, Virginia, Montana, Alaska, Louisiana, Delaware. Nailed it.