Wednesday, August 28, 2013

For Zane :]

Just in case you were wondering, I love +Zane. :]. And I love him for so many reasons

We had just the best 2nd anniversary a little while ago, and it made me realize what I was celebrating!

He is hilarious. Aaaaand he lets me attempt to be hilarious, too :]. 

He can bust a sweet move or two. 

Don't tell him that I told you, but he's a bit of a cuddler

He sees the big picture, especially when I can't. Which is always.

Um, yeah. The obvious one. He's a babe. And a half.

He is my best friend. 

He is the most selfless person that I know. He goes through crap with me. And somehow he sticks around :].

He is brilliant and is the definition of dedicated to his work.

He lives for family, he loves family, and he is my family.

He is taking me Home to our Heavenly Father :].

He writes me the sweetest notes... too precious for this blog anyhow :]. This will be my little note to him.

I love my +Zane, and I got to make sure he knows it.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Best and Last Summer

And now we bid farewell to the summer of '13. Life has been CRAZY! Best summer we've ever had. There is way too much to write about. Incase no one has noticed during the past 22.8 years, I am always copying my sister haha. She is perfect in my eyes and is everything that I want to become :].  +Catherine pulled some brilliance and made a video of her NYC trip instead of just photos. I realized that that is a much better way to preserve the memories you've created and to show them to your friends and family. I'm not able to upload the two videos on my blog; go to my Facebook to watch them :]. Zane and I went to Utah to visit his family, send his sister Emily off to her London, England mission and to be a part of +Sarah's wedding. It was jam-packed with VOLLEYBALL 24/7 [which we are addicted to], adventures in the mountains and the lake, and card games of course. Washington was aaamaaaayyyzaaang We traveled all over the state, from the San Juan Islands to Seattle and Vancouver. Amazing food, Snoqualmie falls, Mt. Hood, USA soccer game and Red Sox game, 4th of July in the Fort, need I say more?!  Since we've been back in Florida we've spent as much time as possible with our closest friends; +Zane starts his second year of med school tomorrow, which means that social life is over. My dad, +Brad, came to visit us for the third time! We had a blast at Downtown Disney; we are so blessed that my dad gets to travel all the way across the country and find time to see us :].  A few days ago we had a CRAY CRAY adventure at Chick-fil-a. Way too much to type to fully express the awesomeness. Basically, we won a year of free Chick-fil-a. Sorry for the kajillion pics, but they're worth a glance :]! After a great day at church today, we had a potluck at Jenny & Josh's with our best friends! Great food, wonderful Sabbath and a perfect way to end our best and last summer


Bring it on, med school.