Monday, July 30, 2012

Destination: Bliss.

 I believe that towing a U-Haul trailer with a little Honda for 2500 miles defines a "road trip." It was, in a word, awesome. Departed from Provo at 5:00AM [funny thing; we got lost before we left] on the 16th; arrived in Lakewood Ranch on the 18th. Only 2.5 days! We went through 10 states
[utahwyomingnebraskaiowamissouriillinoiskentuckytennesseegeorgiaflorida] the majority of which we had never been to. The east is beautiful! Minus the large black beetles that crawled up my leg at a gas station in Nebraska. No spank you. Silly Zane left the gas tank open in Iowa :].
At the same station he had an interesting encounter with a 6 year-old boy who thought Zane was his Nana. The cheapest station we filled up at was $3.09/gallon! [How sad that I'm elated about t h a t.] [I'm doing a lot of the whole.... parenthesis thing...] We stayed overnight in Kansas City, MO [you have to say "MO" a lieu de Missouri. You just have to.] and were welcomed by bed bugs. Interesting things we came across included: a giant Abraham Lincoln head, Kauffman Stadium, a ginormous Superman statue in Metropolis, a b e a utiful LDS temple near St. Louis, the biggest lightning/monsoon storm known to man, aaaaand a massively kick-a car chase.  Driving through Georgia would've been complete if I had a slow rocking chair and glass o' lemonade. Listen here, now; ain't nothin' like listenin' to Mistuh Ray Chaaawles in Geooowwguh. Our final hotel was in Macon, Georgia; late to bed, early to rise. Crossing the last border and driving into Florida was amazing! I could not be farther from home [quite literally]. Everything is so different and exciting.  Always something new; always something to do. Our perfect voyage ended in a quick and easy move in. We had help from our new best friend Kristian Balle [baal luh] and LDS missionaries. Let me know expound on our best friendship with the Balles. In Zane's last week at BYU, he was approached by fellow graduate Kristian. Both were accepted to and headed for the same medical school; LECOM! The icing on the cupcake [I prefer cupcakes to cake. Notice that cupcake is plural :]] was that Kristian, his wife Malori and baby Dawson were headed for the same apartment [Lost Creek]! Thanks to our friendship with the Balles, all the planning, preparations, journeys and adjustments have not only been easier but funner. [Yep. It's a word. Look it up.] It is a true blessing to have them in our lives. It seems that every decision made was meant to bring our two little families together in this downright adventure. We all wanted to have some fun before Kristian and Zane started school. We went to Siesta Key [unequaled in mindblowingness] and Waffle House, played games and had Sunday dinner together. We also ran into each other on our Walmart excursions! The night before I left for the Goodwin Family reunion, Zane and I went to Miami for dinner and his first MLB game! Dinner at Salsa Fiesta was deelish. Zane is a Braves devout and was squealing like a little school girl the entire time :]. Braves won, which was awesome. Goodwin family reunions are far and few that always prove wonderful when followed through. [I'm a poet.] It was great to see cousins, siblings, nephew, parents, uncles, aunts and grandparents. We had a hoot and a half playing horseshoe, hiking, swimming, cooking and gaming. The trip ended perfectly when, in pitch black, our Nana and Grandpa turned into glowstickstickfigures and surprised us at a bonfire. My description is exact. I'm now having fun in Washington with my family, albeit missing my husband terribly. He just started school; wish him success!